About Smolensk City

Smolensk City

Smolensk is one of the ancient historic cities in Russia. It’s situated on the western border of Russia and on the route from Moscow to Western Europe. Smolensk is almost 380 kilometers away going west from Moscow.

The city has been taken over by different countries more times than any other city in Russia, so has its own cultural background.

The city is famous because of its remarkable history of wartime. It is known as the Diamond Capital of Russia because of its local diamond cutting industries.


The county has warm climatic conditions. Temperature of the city drops to the average of around -3.8 â—¦C in the winter seasons. Â stays to the average of nearly 22 to 25 â—¦C in summers.


By Airport

There are two airports located in the outskirts of the city; Smolensk South (civilian) and Smolensk North (military); however, there are no regular flights scheduled to Smolensk South Airport.

By Train

From Moscow several trains from Belorusskiy train station reach Smolensk in 5-6 hours. Some of them reach into Europe as far as to Paris and Nice (in summer only). The same trains can be used to reach Smolensk from Belarus. Daily express connects Smolensk with Bryansk.

By Bus

Some times a week there are buses connecting Smolensk with European towns, such as Berlin, Warsaw, Madrid, Riga and some others, the timetable is subject to change, though. Other buses run to Mogilev, Kaluga, Velikiye Luki, Kursk and Tver. Daily buses run to Mstislavl, Belgorod, Bryansk, Moscow, Oryol, Saint Petersburg and Tula.

Places To Visit in Smolensk

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